At FNN, we have spent the weekend trying to determine how we can best put the assets of our company to work to help our community during this trying time.

It is clear to us that FNN won't be doing any live sporting events in the foreseeable future, so we feel it's important to apply our substantial media experience and resources in a way that can help communicate important and useful information to the people across our communities here across East Central Alabama.

How can we best do that? We feel it starts with our 24/7 online video channel.

Starting Monday, that channel, normally reserved for our live coverage of local sports and replays of previous FNN covered sporting events will transition to a 24/7 information-based resource for our viewers. During this period, FNN 24/7 will be re-branded as the FNN Community Resources Channel.

When applicable, we will live stream public briefings from federal, state and local officials to keep you informed as things continue to unfold during this national health crisis. Notice of such broadcasts (when available) will likely come through posts on our website and our social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter.

When events of this nature are not happening, the channel will initially feature three crawls of text information, all on one screen aimed at giving you information on the following topics.

HEALTH CONCERNS - Here we will provide you with the latest information or the rapidly-changing Corvid-19 virus pandemic and how it is affecting our community.
COMMUNITY - This is where we will post any information related to community-based services, business and industry closures, cancellations along with federal, state and local mandates for travel, etc.
SUPPLIES & SERVICES - This is where you will find information about places where you can find the things you need to buy for your family. We will also post any services available from churches, groups or individuals to aid people that can't get out or need help.

We are counting on the community to aid us with gathering this information, especially in regard to closures, supplies, and services. You can this with us in one of three ways.

1 - Via email to info@fnnnetwork.com.
2 - Direct Message us through our Facebook page.
3 - Text the information to Jim at 256-310-5139

DO NOT SEND US any information without your name and a phone # where you can be contacted to verify the information, especially if it relates to providing helpful services to individuals such as babysitting, errands, and shopping.

If you own or operate any type of business that is affected by this period and you need to get information about how you're working to help your customers or clients during the period, we want to know about it so we can share it with everyone.

We do suggest all business-related information be sent in email form if possible (info@fnnnetwork.com) as this makes it easier to cut/paste/edit prior to posting on the channel.

If you are sending us information about retail locations that might have various items (toilet paper, hand sanitizer, medical items like Tylenol or Advil as well as high-demand grocery items like hamburger meat, canned soups, etc., please make sure you tell us the time/date you were last at the location you specify so that can be shared. Supply and demand on these items are going to be a rapidly moving target over the next 10-14 days.

LET US EMPHASIZE - All of this is completely FREE to everyone to watch or to send in information. We will do our best to keep all crawls updated as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please don't hesitate to email Jim at jimj@jacobsmediaservicesal.com.

The FNN Community Resources Channel can be viewed at the FNN website at www.fnnnetwork.com on any iOS or Android device with internet access. We will also stream the channel to our Facebook page, our YouTube Channel and our Twitter/Periscope sites as well. If you have a TV with Roku, a Firestick or Chromecast, you can watch it on any of these platforms by loading the FREE FNN Channel app.

Hopefully this service from us will help provide our regular viewers and neighbors with a constant resource for information that you can count on always being there over the coming days.

We suggest everyone stay calm, be informed, make healthy decisions daily and do all you can to support each other through this unprecedented event.

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