The FNN 24/7 Channel is available as a FREE, non-public channel on your Roku!

Here are the steps you need to take to add FNN to your Roku Channel menu for viewing.

1.  You will have to go to the Roku website (CLICK HERE) and log into your account.

2.  Once you sign into your account, on the next page, IMMEDIATELY under Manage My Account on the left side of the page, click on ADD CHANNEL WITH A CODE.

3.  This is where you will type in the FNN 24/7 Channel Code G26V6LM.  When you're done, select Add Channel.  

4.  Read the notices from Roku and accept, then Add Channel.  

5.  Roku will then show a notice that the channel will appear within 24 hours.  If you don't want to wait for the channel to appear, go to your Roku device - Settings > System > System Update > Check Now and your Roku will update your Channel Listings and the FNN 24/7 Channel should appear along with all the other channels on your unit.

6.  Select the FNN Channel from your menu and enjoy the show! 

Getting FNN On Your Roku Device

Tips To Make Your FNN Viewing Experience Easy And Enjoyable!

Let's begin by dealing with the elephant in the room - the internet and your connection to it.  It's the primary factor in how well your viewing experience of our content will go.  If you have a good, solid 4G, DSL or Cable Modem internet connection on your device, mobile or desktop, you should have no issues enjoying our content.

If you have a poor internet or wi-fi connection, your video will likely "buffer", frequently starting and stopping.  Unfortunately, there is little you can do other than refresh your connection and there is nothing we can do for you.

We recommend Google Chrome as our browser of choice to provide the greatest ease of viewing and security.  While other browsers are known to work with our streams, we only support issues as they relate to use with Chrome.

Currently, FNN's 24/7 Channel stream is available in two configurations, 480p for slower internet connections and data conservation, or our more robust 720 HD signal that will require a very good internet connection to view on your device.  The 720 HD signal is recommended for use with Smart TVs.  In the near future, we will also be providing a 1280 HD signal for a premium viewing experience, especially on TVs larger than 42".

Since most devices are set to automatically select the best feed for your type of connection, you generally don't have to do anything, but if you do experience buffering, you can make sure your player is stepping down to our 480p feed instead of the 720 HD feed.  

FNN's video streams work on both iOS and Android devices automatically.  Regardless of your device, CLICK HERE to begin viewing our live 24/7 Channel.